Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Meteor Scatter audio

Following on from a follow DXer's audio post on his blog, showing some reception via an unattended recording, I decided to do my own while I was outside doing some gardening.

I decided on 90.7 as the frequency to monitor, and it turned out to be a good one, as I received 3 bursts of MS in the space of minutes.  The first one on the clip, would have been at 11.24am.

Scrrenshot of the Meteor Scatter audio


  1. Just did a test run on the Muzzle blog which also utilizes Blogger as its foundation. Make sure you compose the entire post using the HTML mode only.


    Feel free to delete this comment when you get it working. HTH!

    1. Actually, it's more problematic than I thought. I could be mistaken, but the file seems to stream *forever* but not actually play. The downloaded recording works fine however in Winamp.

      As the widget is using the Flash container to deliver the content, apparently there are restrictions on what audio you 'feed it' which may apply otherwise streaming might not work.

      I'm betting that if you make the following change(s) the streaming will start working.

      * convert the MP3 file to 44 kHz sampling frequency
      * use 320 kbps VBR or CBR bitrate

      I notice the sampling frequency is 32 kHz rather than 44 kHz which is the benchmark sampling frequency for audio CD.

      This could all be totally incorrect, but I'm doing my best! :)

  2. It's been a long day... actually it does stream without issue when I play it in Firefox, I was using Chrome. Doh! Doh! Doh! Please ignore my 2nd comment!

    1. lol, no worries, but thanks for pointing out the sampling rate though. I had no idea it was saving at 32Khz rather than 44. Interestingly, I noticed my email notification ringing near the end, lol. Really must remember to turn the email program off when recording.