Thursday, January 19, 2012

A bit of Tropo

A bit of Tropo about yesterday (18/1) and today.  Haven't had any Tropo in a few weeks.

88.9 3HFM Hamilton
89.9 5CCC Pt. Lincoln
91.5 5PNN Tumby Bay
91.7 3PNN Western Victoria
92.5 3ABCRN Western Victoria
93.3 3ABCFM Western Victoria
94.1 3ABCRR Western Victoria
94.9 3JJJ Western Victoria
95.7 3ABCRN Nhill
99.3 8SAT Streaky Bay
100.9 5ABCRN Streaky Bay
101.1 3JJJ Mildura*
101.3 3WWM Horsham

Today's Tropo is mostly a copy of yesterday's. Additionally:
96.9 5ABCRN Keith
106.1 5TCB Bordertown

Western Victoria was at a steady 1 bar on the Sony.  95.7 also at good strength, with 91.5 not too bad (not that great either).  The rest were weak.

*3JJJ Mildura is also heard daily via Aircraft Scatter.  This same AS path also affects the Riverland stations.

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