Wednesday, January 25, 2012


I have finally bought myself a TV for the room where I do my FM DXing.  All set up and the auto scan found everything local, although SBS seems to break up a bit.  However, I have bought the Healing HHT894 STB, which is apparently a very sensitive tuner.  This should arrive next week and I will watch DTV through that.  I plan to get a DVD recorder to hook up as well. Will source a cheap, but useable one from Ebay - that's where I got the Healing STB for a nice price of $65 with free delivery.  I have noticed when manually tuning analog on the set, it goes low enough for NZ Channel 1.

Meanwhile tropo about starting last night and into this morning.  Mt. Gambier, Western Victoria and a few others about at good levels mostly.  Unfortunately, once I got the TV home and set up, much of the tropo has weakened or gone.  Will put up the log at the end of the day after I have finished listening out for any E-Skip.


  1. About 9 months ago, I bought a LG DR386D DVD recorder. While I bought mine new (I think they are still available) you can find the DR386 on Ebay for about $100. The device records DVB-T Standard Definition channels.

    I also have a Pioneer HDD/DVD recorder. Unfortunately Pioneer have 'quit' the PVR segment. If the Pioneer fails (the DVD mechanism seems to fail first with these devices) I will probably go with a Panasonic.

    Great to see some Digital TV coverage!

  2. Will keep an eye out for that one. Panasonic is definitely a brand I am also looking at, as well as Sony.