Monday, January 23, 2012

E-skip for January 23

Not much around today.  Just some skip noted late morning with the occasional strong peaks.

88.5 4ABCFM Gold Coast
90.1 4ABCRN Gold Coast
90.7 4ABCFM Emerald
91.5 2JJJ Grafton/Kempsey
92.3 2MRR Grafton/Kempsey
94.9 4JJJ Norwich Park
95.5 2MRR Manning River
96.3 2JJJ Manning River
97.1 2ABCRN Manning River
97.9 2ABCFM Grafton/Kempsey
98.7 2ABCFM Manning River


  1. I was surprised on Monday night to see that apparently the band was open to 110 MHz (Sunshine Coast -> Ballarat) around 10am according to the logger. I'm guessing this coincided with your opening? I think my Es season is over (lucky enough on late Sunday afternoon to use the 15-element beastie with a 19 decibel preamp but no Es for me!).

    My last opening - that night one - only lasted eight minutes according to the automated recording... Admittedly, I was glued the tennis (I'm a tennis fanatic) on that occasion so I only know what was coming through on one frequency.

    In a shameless exercise in self-promotion for my blog, I'll be uploading a selection of my Es recordings from this summer. I very much enjoyed your clear recordings of New Zealand. Speaking of Enzed, I'll be uploading the tropo highlights from Australia Day last year.

  2. Yes, 10am your time would coincide perfectly - right in the middle of my E's opening. Cheers re the NZ recordings, definitely was a highlight for me this year. Am hoping there might still be some skip about. My log shows that in the last couple of years, it lasted until around the first week of February....fingers crossed.