Monday, January 9, 2012

NZ 2Es update

During my 3 hour 2Es opening from New Zealand last week (see post below for log), I also heard racing on 91.1 and 92.5, but did not ID them.

After doing some internet searching, I believe 91.1 was LiveSport Wairarapa. This makes sense, as Wairarapa is located on the North Island, close to Wellington.

After further looking, 92.5 may have been TAB/Sky Sports Calcairn or Mulawalla, both in Southern NSW. Unfortunately I can not remember and did not take note if the racing on 91.1 and 92.5 were the same or different, so I won't be adding them to my log due to the uncertainty.


  1. Congratulations on those NZ catches, Jamie. I don't think I've received the Wairarapa/Masterton area here, or at least haven't confirmed it. I can't remember ever receiving Livesport on 92.5.

    I have a good candidate for your other station on 91.4 though, Rhema Palmerston North.

  2. Thanks for the congrats. Yes, I agree with Rhema being the other station on 91.4, other Palmerston Norths were still in quite strongly at the time.

    1. Some additional info which may or may not be helpful! :) According to FM Scan, your tentative candidate FM 91.1 Live Sport Carterton (near Masterson) broadcasts with an ERP of 4 kilowatts. I've double checked on Frequency Finder which confirms that this station *is* still broadcasting on this frequency after the 2011 frequency 'switch-a-roo'.

  3. Thanks for providing that information. Sounds plausible to me :)