Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Zealand into Adelaide - at last!

I say at last, because it's the first time getting New Zealand FM or anything FM overseas in Adelaide. Reception from 9am to midday

89.0 Concert FM Palmerston North  (3,292km / 2,046mi)
89.3 Newstalk ZB Wellington (over semi-local)  (3,222km / 2,002mi)
89.4 Newstalk ZB Auckland  (3,248km / 2018mi)
90.6 ZM-FM Palmerston North
91.1 ZM-FM Kapiti (weak mixing with fairly strong unkown racing)
91.2 Concert FM Nelson
91.3 ZM-FM Christchurch (fairly weak)
91.4 Concert FM Hamilton (later heard another I did not ID)
92.2 More FM Palmerston North
92.5 Concert FM Wellington (unknown racing also heard on this freq.)
93.0 The Edge Palmerston North
93.3 Radio Hauraki Wellington
93.4 The Breeze Auckland
93.8 RadioLive Palmerston North
94.2 The Edge Auckland
94.3 ZM-FM Masterton
94.6 The Sound Palmerston North
97.8 Classic Hits Palmerston North

plus a few aussies in the mix:
88.3 2ABCFM SW Slopes/East Riverina
91.5 2PB SW Slipes/East Riverina (3 bars)
93.5 2SNO Goulburn
95.7 2ABCFM Illawarra
97.1 3GLR Orbost

A big day of DX so far and it's only early afternoon as I type. Quite a few of the NZ registered 1 bar on the Sony XDR unit.  I got recordings of 4 stations all with IDs.  Will put these on the web in due time. Meanwhile time for lunch, this is hungry (and thirsty) work! ;)

UPDATE: I have now added audio of several NZ catches.  Simply click on the highlighted text to hear.


  1. Great stuff Jamie,it's well worth it when days like today come along! Looking forward to the vids. :-)

  2. Thanks. Audio has now been added :)