Monday, January 30, 2012

bits and pieces

Very little around yesterday, just the following noted around Midday:

92.1 6PNN
92.9 6JJJ
94.5 6ABCFM
all Southern Agricultural, plus
95.3 6AAY Albany

Did not stick around. Also was not sure of reception mode, but I think it may have been a short-lived bit of Tropo.  I saw earlier last week that long haul Tropo from Albany was getting into Melbourne.  I checked for any here at that time but no sign of it.

Meanwhile, the Healing HHT894 set top box arrived today.   My main disappointment with it is the manual tuning, which I find to be cumbersome.  This is because you have to manually enter in the centre-channel frequency (for example: 613500 for Channel 40) as opposed to simply selecting a channel number.

11.15am CDT update:  After further checking, I have come to the conclusion that I am better off just using the inbuilt digital tuner that comes with the TV (a DSE GE6607).  In fact, it's signal levels were reading slightly better than the STB.  In light of that, I have moved the Healing to the CRT TV in the bedroom to replace the DGTec STB I have on there.  Despite a solid picture, the DGTec has a habit of having audio drop outs of 10 to 15 seconds.


  1. Thanks for this detailed explanation. Like you, I wondered whether the Albany loggings were tropo when you posted the alert. I wasn't seeing any Es activity on the logger. But the fact the opening was tropo makes it even sweeter! Amazing. Congratulations are in order! The rain here has really sucked the life out of the tropo season in this city. Photos will be posted this week to illustrate but in simple terms the city has endured the same quantity of rain as we did in January last year!

    I feel that the Sporadic E season in your city has historically been remarkably similar to what happens here in terms of duration. Even to the point where your openings to Western Australia coincide will mine (obviously not to the same regions!). This is perhaps unexpected because of the distance from here. Thanks for providing your alerts as they are quite meaningful for my region. I haven't really needed to monitor 62-86 MHz video carriers on the Pro-2006 much as a consequence. Fingers crossed there are some more Es left yet!

  2. TC Iggy Pop developed into a category 1 system early on Hottest 100 day.