Thursday, January 19, 2012

Evening E-Skip

Just when I thought there would be no E's today, I noticed some weak E's around 6pm.  Took at least 30 minutes for things to kick into gear.

6.30pm - 9.30pm CDT
89.5 4JJJ Nambour
90.7 4ABCFM Emerald
90.7 4CSB Wondai
91.1 4MCY Nambour
91.3 4NAG Yeppoon
91.3 4HIT Moranbah
93.3 4ABCRN Dysart
93.5 4ROK Gladstone
93.9 4ABCRN Emerald
94.3 4ABCRN Blackwater
94.3 TAB Gladstone
94.7 4HIT Emerald
97.7 4ABCFM unknown if Barcaldine or Roma
97.9 4ABCFM Mackay
98.5 4ABCFM Wide Bay
100.1 4HI Rollestone Mine
100.1 4ABCRR Wide Bay
100.9 4ABCRN Wide Bay
101.1 4RGK Mount Murchison
101.7 4CCC Charleville
102.7 4ABCRN Mackay
104.1 TAB Charleville
105.7 4RR Charleville
106.5 HOT FM Minerva Mine
106.9 4HIT Blackwater Mine
107.3 4ABCRN Charleville
107.5 4ABCRN unknown which location

Mystery 88.5: This was a community station, not Ryde - no sign of any other Sydney.  Announced ID a few times but had trouble catching it...thought it started with F, but I could have heard wrong. Pity I didn't have a recording of it going. Normally get ABCFM Gold Coast on this frequency.

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  1. Hi Jamie,

    We also had a mystery 88.5 community FM from QLD down at Numeralla, probably the same one. Never managed an ID though. 88.5 was received at Numeralla yesterday also.