Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Recent Observations

As expected, it appears the Sporadic E season has now definitely ended.  Even Tropo has been horrendous lately; just the occasional Mildura and Western Victoria appearing weakly out of the noise.  Did also briefly hear 93.5 Bendigo one morning.

Some recent observations...some heard using the Sony, others while listening with the Onkyo:

5.50pm - 102.7, this was ABCFM, strong steady signal lasting a minute perhaps.  Normally hear NewsRadio Spencer Gulf here.  The ACMA station list shows only 2 possibilities: Mildura or Central Tablelands.  I quickly checked 101.1 for any sign of Triple J Mildura, but nothing. Then went back to 102.7 to find ABCFM still there.  I then tuned higher to see if I could find anything else, but found nothing to match.  On going back, it was gone.  Am presuming it was perhaps a quick E-skip reception of Central Tablelands (Muz's territory!)

11am - A fleeting E's opening from Gold Coast: 88.5, 90.1 & 91.7

7.37pm - 87.9, this one is a mystery.  Landed on it to find a strong, but fluttery signal lasting maybe 10 seconds or so.  Consistent with Meteor Scatter.  Obviously a narrowcast, given it's frequency, playing what appear to sound like some sort of Muslim (?) chanting.

Also heard a weak short-lived signal on 97.9.  Only made out an ID or partial ID of "97.9 FM". Not SA as only Flow FM (8SAT) is on this channel.

Approx 10.45 - 10.50am, several short bursts on a number of frequencies.  Unsure if they are connected or all separate: 88.3, 92.9, 93.5 & 104.5.

3.14pm - 95.3, strong but a little fluttery, lasting approx 10 seconds.  Playing Material Girl by Madonna.


  1. Did you note anything on 101.9 or 104.3 when you nabbed that Classic 102.7? I ask without bothering to check your local frequencies,of course. ;p

    If you'd received that UNID 97.9 the same time as Classic 102.7 I'd suggest Real FM Kandos,but seeing you didn't never mind. :-)

  2. Hey Muz, I did note something on 101.9...I usually hear Triple J Riverland here. The 102.7 reception was gone by the time I checked the ACMA list and then saw what the other Central Tablelands frequencies are. Had I already known, I would have checked the Triple J on 101.9 against Adelaide (105.5) to see if it was the same time zone or not. I forgot to note what time 97.9 was but I think it was earlier in the day :)