Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Winter E's 2011

With things rather dead at the moment (just some Western Victoria tropo this morning, which seems to be almost a daily reception at this time of the year to some degree), I thought I would look back at Winter 2011.

Last Winter was the first time I managed to log Sporadic E during that season.  While Summer is the predominate period for receiving SpE, a small window of opportunity does become available in Winter.  For me, the date of reception was June 6th and July 6th.

91.3 2MAX Narrabri
93.5 2PNN Inverell
94.5 2NRR Richmond/Tweed
95.3 2ABCFM Richmond/Tweed

2.30 - 3.30pm
89.9 4DDD Dalby
90.0 TAB Richmond
90.7 4CSB Wondai
91.1 4MCY Nambour
92.5 4SB Tarong Coal Mine
93.3 4SBS Brisbane
94.1 KIX Country Middlemount
94.5 4PNN Gympie
94.9 4MIX  Ipswich, with RDS
95.3 4SCR Gympie
96.1 4NNN Gympie
96.5 4FRB Brisbane
96.9 4ABCRN Gympie
97.3 4BFM Brisbane, with RDS
98.1 4EB Brisbane
98.5 4ABCFM Wide Bay
99.3 4JJJ Wide Bay
104.1 4JJJ Darling Downs


  1. Excellent blast-from-the-past! July 6 was a beauty for Sporadic E. Check out page 2. http://fmdx.au.com/doc/7_2011.pdf

    Which western Victorians are you hearing via permanent troposcatter (presumably)? Is the stinking BO part of the haul?

  2. The Western Victorians are the Mount Dundas ones: 91.7, 92.5, 93.3, 94.1 & 94.9. 95.7 Nhill is another one, which is pretty easy to get and if the previously mentioned aren't at bad levels, 88.9 Horsham.