Tuesday, November 8, 2016

DX season 2016/17 underway

On Sunday, November 6, I received my first E-skip of the summer 2016/2017 season. Not sure that I've had the season start this early - and it's still 3 weeks until Summer actually starts. Hopefully, a sign of a bumper season to come, last year was terrible.

2.40 - 3.05pm
94.5 2NNR Richmond/Tweed
95.3 2ABCFM Richmond/Tweed
96.1 2JJJ Richmond/Tweed
96.9 2ABCRN Richmond/Tweed
98.5 2PNN Richmond/Tweed
100.9 2ZZZ Lismore
104.3 4ABCRN Meandarra

93.3 4SBS Brisbane
94.9 4MIX Ipswich
These two were fleeting, lasted just a couple of minutes, but were strong.

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