Sunday, February 7, 2016

E's log Sunday, Feb. 7th

Some more E-skip noted this evening, with Sydney and Illawarra once again making an appearance.

8.30 - 9pm
90.7 2JJJ SW Slopes/E. Riverina
90.9 2PNN Illawarra
91.5 2PNN SW Slopes/E. Riverina
92.9 2ABCFM Sydney
94.5 2FBI Sydney
94.9 2WSK Nowra
95.3 2PTV Sydney
95.7 2ABCFM Illawarra
96.1 ?
96.9 2SYD Sydney

90.5, 94.1 Unknown - weak and lasted only minutes.

90.7 2PNN Grafton/Kempsey
91.5 2JJJ Grafton/Kempsey
Strong, but last all of one minute.

Tropo slowly building at the moment. Currently hearing Western Victoria. If the Hepburn maps are accurate, it looks like it's going to be a bumper week for tropo - watch this space! Quietly rubbing my hands with glee, as tropo has been dead all season.

Recordings from tonight's E's - both from the Onkyo T-4970
95.3 Smooth FM Sydney
96.9 Nova Sydney

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