Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Tropo log 15/2/15

With a cool change coming through Adelaide Sunday afternoon, dropping temperatures from 39 degrees to a more comfortable mid-20's, the evening saw tropo coming in.  First started listening from 7pm, with Western Victoria and Hamilton strong. Port Lincoln and Tumby Bay were initially in at that stage, but were weak and didn't last long.

88.5 7NT King Island
88.9 3HFM Hamilton
89.9 5CCC Port Lincoln
91.5 5PNN Tumby Bay
91.7 3PNN Western Victoria
92.5 3ABCRN Western Victoria
93.3 3ABCFM Western Victoria
94.1 3ABCRR Western Victoria
94.5 3RPH Warnambool
94.9 3JJJ Western Victoria
95.3 3YFM Warnambool
95.7 3ABCRN Nhill
97.9 3RMR Mildura/Sunraysia
99.5 3MDA Mildura/Sunraysia
101.1 3JJJ Mildura
101.3 3WWM Horsham
102.1 3MIL Murray Valley
102.7 3ABCFM Mildura/Sunraysia
103.7 3ABCFM Murray Valley
105.3 3JJJ Murray Valley
105.9 3ABCRN Mildura/Sunraysia
107.5 8SAT Hallett
107.7 5YYY Whyalla

King Island is a first time catch. Though weak, I was able to hear the programming was parallel to 94.1 Western Victoria. Surprisingly, no sign of Mount Gambier.

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