Sunday, February 15, 2015

E-Skip 10/2/15

A strange evening for E-skip on Tuesday, February 10, with openings lasting for minutes at a time, before finally getting something a bit stronger, even then, not lasting that long.

Started around 8.05pm with of Queenslanders, who then disappeared minutes later, then heard 93.3 at 8.18pm and again a couple of times over the next two hours. Grafton made an appearance from 8.32pm, again for only minutes. Next came Richmond/Tweed approx 9.28pm...again, a few minutes. Grafton returned for about 25 minutes from 9.55pm, with best reception roughly 10.05 - 10.15pm, gone by 10.20pm. At this time, Richmond/Tweed re-appeared and stayed around to about 11pm or so.

The log....

8.05 - 11pm (last checked just before midnight, everything gone)
88.5 ? Suspected 2NWR Walcha
90.5 ?
90.7 2PNN Grafton/Kempsey
91.5 2JJJ Grafton/Kempsey
91.7 ?
92.3 2MRR Grafton/Kempsey
93.3 ? Suspected 2BBB Dorrigo
94.3 ?
94.5 4PNN Gympie
94.5 2NNR Richmond/Tweed
95.3 4SCR Gympie
95.3 2ABCFM Richmond/Tweed
96.1 2JJJ Richmond/Tweed
96.9 4ABCRN Gympie
96.9 2ABCRN Richmond/Tweed
97.9 2ABCFM Grafton/Kempsey
98.5 2PNN Richmond/Tweed
99.5 2ABCRN Grafton/Kempsey

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