Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Winter E's 2011

With things rather dead at the moment (just some Western Victoria tropo this morning, which seems to be almost a daily reception at this time of the year to some degree), I thought I would look back at Winter 2011.

Last Winter was the first time I managed to log Sporadic E during that season.  While Summer is the predominate period for receiving SpE, a small window of opportunity does become available in Winter.  For me, the date of reception was June 6th and July 6th.

91.3 2MAX Narrabri
93.5 2PNN Inverell
94.5 2NRR Richmond/Tweed
95.3 2ABCFM Richmond/Tweed

2.30 - 3.30pm
89.9 4DDD Dalby
90.0 TAB Richmond
90.7 4CSB Wondai
91.1 4MCY Nambour
92.5 4SB Tarong Coal Mine
93.3 4SBS Brisbane
94.1 KIX Country Middlemount
94.5 4PNN Gympie
94.9 4MIX  Ipswich, with RDS
95.3 4SCR Gympie
96.1 4NNN Gympie
96.5 4FRB Brisbane
96.9 4ABCRN Gympie
97.3 4BFM Brisbane, with RDS
98.1 4EB Brisbane
98.5 4ABCFM Wide Bay
99.3 4JJJ Wide Bay
104.1 4JJJ Darling Downs

Thursday, February 16, 2012

The return of E-Skip

After something of a hiatus, an SpE opening lasting 90 minutes this morning. Reception from Port Macquarie up to Brisbane.

10am - 11.30am CDT
88.5 2NWR Walcha
88.9 2YOU Tamworth
90.1 2ABCRN Walcha
90.5 Racing Tamworth
91.1 2CBD Deepwater
91.3 2MAX Narrabri
91.5 2JJJ Grafton/Kempsey
92.3 2MRR Grafton/Kempsey
92.9 2TTT Tamworth
93.3 2BBB Dorrigo
93.3 4SBS Brisbane (3 bars)
93.5 2PM Port Macquarie
93.5 2PNN Inverell
93.9 2ABCRN Tamworth
94.5 2NNR Richmond/Tweed
94.7 2JJJ Tamworth
94.9 4MIX Ipswich w/- RDS
95.3 2ABCFM Richmond/Tweed
96.1 2JJJ Richmond/Tweed
96.3 2JJJ Manning River
96.5 4FRB Brisbane
96.9 2ABCRN Richmond/Tweed
97.1 2ABCRN Manning River
97.3 4BFM w/- RDS
97.9 2ABCFM Grafton/Kempsey
98.5 2PB Richmond/Tweed
98.7 2ABCFM Manning River
99.5 2ABCRN Grafton/Kempsey
100.7 2PQQ Port Macquarie
104.1 2CHY Coffs Harbour

Additionally, tropo from Western Victoria was in all morning.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Tropo report

Finally, some sort of action after being dead for ages.  Tropo mostly within SA and strong. Here's the log:

89.9 5CCC Pt. Lincoln
90.7 5KIX Kangaroo Island
91.5 5PNN Tumby Bay
93.1 5ABCFM Pt. Lincoln
99.3 8SAT Streaky Bay
100.9 5ABCRN Streaky Bay
101.9 5ABCRN Tumby Bay
106.9 8SAT Wudinna
107.3 5ABCRN Wirrulla
107.7 5YYY Whyalla

100.7 6ABCRN Salmon Gums - Identified via time given which was 2.5 hours behind SA therefore, WA.  Seems most likely location being 100kms north of Esperance.  Esperence stations blocked by Adelaide locals so couldn't try for them.

105.3 Unknown JJJ, different time zone to SA as I checked Adelaide on 105.5.  Murray Valley ruled out as even when this one was in at reasonable levels no sign of other Murray Valley.

10am noted very weak Tropo from Albany for about 20 minutes.  94.5 and 96.9 were the best heard.

This morning saw 89.3 Gulf FM, 90.9 Flow FM Maitland and Spencer Gulf stations at 3 bars on the Sony.  This also meant strong DTV from Port Pirie, with watchable pictures.

SGS-40 Port Pirie (Southern Cross Ten)

GDS-42 Port Pirie (Southern Cross Nine)

GTS-44 Port Pirie (Southern Cross GTS/BKN)

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Recent Observations

As expected, it appears the Sporadic E season has now definitely ended.  Even Tropo has been horrendous lately; just the occasional Mildura and Western Victoria appearing weakly out of the noise.  Did also briefly hear 93.5 Bendigo one morning.

Some recent observations...some heard using the Sony, others while listening with the Onkyo:

5.50pm - 102.7, this was ABCFM, strong steady signal lasting a minute perhaps.  Normally hear NewsRadio Spencer Gulf here.  The ACMA station list shows only 2 possibilities: Mildura or Central Tablelands.  I quickly checked 101.1 for any sign of Triple J Mildura, but nothing. Then went back to 102.7 to find ABCFM still there.  I then tuned higher to see if I could find anything else, but found nothing to match.  On going back, it was gone.  Am presuming it was perhaps a quick E-skip reception of Central Tablelands (Muz's territory!)

11am - A fleeting E's opening from Gold Coast: 88.5, 90.1 & 91.7

7.37pm - 87.9, this one is a mystery.  Landed on it to find a strong, but fluttery signal lasting maybe 10 seconds or so.  Consistent with Meteor Scatter.  Obviously a narrowcast, given it's frequency, playing what appear to sound like some sort of Muslim (?) chanting.

Also heard a weak short-lived signal on 97.9.  Only made out an ID or partial ID of "97.9 FM". Not SA as only Flow FM (8SAT) is on this channel.

Approx 10.45 - 10.50am, several short bursts on a number of frequencies.  Unsure if they are connected or all separate: 88.3, 92.9, 93.5 & 104.5.

3.14pm - 95.3, strong but a little fluttery, lasting approx 10 seconds.  Playing Material Girl by Madonna.