Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Winter E's 10/7/12

Some mid-winter E's to report today.  All from Queensland. Reception was generally 1pm to 2pm-ish. Some strong bursts, with some signals staying in a little while.  Others only appeared very briefly.

88.3 4ABCRR Miriam Vale
89.9 4ABCRN Miriam Vale
91.3 4HIT Moranbah
91.7 4QAA Dysart
92.3 unidentified
92.5 unidentified
93.3 4ABCRN Dysart
93.5 4ROK Gladstone
94.3 Racing Gladstone
94.3 4PNN Townsville
94.7 4SBS Nebo
95.5 Racing Emerald (likely, but Bundaberg also possible)
97.9 4ABCFM Mackay

Was surprised to not hear ABCFM Emerald on 90.7 - unless I simply missed it in the course of band-scanning.


  1. Excellent winter Es session. Perhaps there will be a few more openings on band II.