Monday, June 25, 2012

Analogue TV Switch Off

For those still chasing analogue TV DX, the official switch off dates for the final remaining still in use services have been announced....

Adelaide: April 2 2013
Tasmania: April 9 2013
Perth: April 16 2013
Brisbane/Gold Coast/Sunshine Coast: May 28 2013
Darwin: July 30 2013
Sydney/Gosford: December 3 2013
Melbourne: December 10 2013

Get watching while you can!

Source:  Gizmodo


  1. Here in Lithgow NSW,I'm hanging out for NBN 3 Newcastle to POQ-am sick to death of the audio hogging the 91.7 - 92.0 section of the FM band. ;)

  2. Hi there Muz, I must check my account more marked your comment as spam and hence it disappeared. Have unmarked it and it's now back up. Hope all is well!

  3. Hey, Jamie. Cheers for the information. Today, I've just purchased an Academy TV 34 Element UHF antenna which cost approximately $50 delivered.

    With the existing fringe VHF/UHF antenna at this location, permanent analogue signals here included the Bunya Mountains UHF + channel 0 (broadcasting until Toowoomba's switch off before Christmas) & Sunshine Coast UHF analogue. Because of channel-sharing with the Sunshine Coast, Toowoomba on DVB-T will be impossible (a pity because it has the best ERP, representing the best target on paper) but possibly Sunshine Coast. Even if the decodes are not reliable, I think I should be able receive the carriers on the communications receiver, but obviously I'd much prefer pix & sound to a data signal on a scanner.

    Why? I was inspired by this thread:

    And the discussion on these threads:

    And of course, your own efforts:

    1. Doh! I forgot something... the antenna will be in the backyard on the grass, using a satellite tripod, as there is no space on the roof. Cheers.

  4. A few dead bookmarks. :) RadioGeek migrated to Wordpress. Dbrmuz is now at Blogger under the blog IUsedToBeANobody.

  5. Bookmarks fixed...thanks for pointing that out.

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