Wednesday, April 18, 2012

New toy

With my main desktop out of action due to a failed (presumably) hard drive, I went ahead and bought myself a cheap Laptop from Ebay. I ended up with an IBM Lenovo Thinkpad R61e...
Photo sourced from Google Images.

Specifications at a glance:
- Dual core 1.8GHz processor
- 80GB Hard drive
- Wi-Fi
- DVD Burner

Works great and pretty much same specs as the desktop except not as large hard drive.

As for the desktop, I had considered replacing the hard drive with a new one - would be the cheapest and quickest option and something I could do myself, but a new desktop PC is what I will eventually get.

Reason being is hard drives being sold now are SATA3, my PC has SATA2 and those hard drives are getting hard to find.  RAM also is now DDR3 and the PC has DDR2.

The Laptop is just fine for now...I have replaced my standard ADSL2+ modem with a Wireless one (connected up to my old backup desktop), allowing me to access the internet from my Laptop.

1 comment:

  1. I love the little red button doo-hicky that acts as the mouse on these little IBMs.Owned one once that I'd bought off eBay and it was great!

    Well done-that desktop real estate can easily be re-zoned. ;p