Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Items for sale.

Two items that are not in use and needing a new home:

Denon TU-235RD AM/FM Tuner

This is a great little unit.  It is unmodified and single-bandwidth, but also was the first unit I used for DXing before I got the Sony and Onkyo tuners.

Despite the wide bandwidth and hence not as good selectivity, it is a sensitive unit.  Before I had the large outdoor antenna installed, I had this connected to an indoor ribbon "T" dipole antenna taped to the wall.  With that, I received E's and tropo out to 2,000km.  Proof that if you are on limited funds and/or just starting out, you can still DX with confidence.  Even if you are not a DXer this would make a great addition to your Hi-Fi setup.

This tuner is in excellent condition and fully working.  For more details on this click HERE (note that mine is the black coloured unit).  Indoor AM Loop antenna and power cable included.

I am unsure what to ask for this, so I am open to any reasonable offers.  Postage $15 anywhere in Australia and I would prefer to post this only in Australia.  Payment to be made via PayPal.

Second item up for grabs:
HS Publications D100 DX-TV Converter

Rather than try to explain this, check out this LINK (Once it loads, use the up, down button on the top right of the catalogue to scroll down to page 6).

Despite the move to Digital in many areas, I am sure there will be analogue TV signals around for some time to come, especially in more exotic areas.

This unit is pretty much new and unused.  It will be posted as I received it: original box, packaging and accessories (2 X RF Cables and instruction manual).  When checking the provided link, the one I am offering is the "D100 with multi-system sound" and it is the version with the DX alarm fitted.

Original cost was approx $280. I am offering it for $180 ono.  Postage $10 within Australia, overseas I am unsure, but will say tentatively $25. (All prices Australian dollars). Again, payment via Paypal.

**Please note: a power supply unit (PSU) is not included; this is how it is originally supplied.

Feel free to let me know if you are interested.


  1. I clicked you link to find out what that TV converter thing is/does,and I still haven't a clue....

    1. Hey Muz, yeah I find it hard to explain, lol - I'm not overly that technical. This link is a tiny bit more info: http://home.iprimus.com.au/toddemslie/premium-dx-equipment.html though probably hardly useful (see under the heading Television DX receivers)

  2. Dbrmuz, the principle employed is reduced bandwidth which means better sensitivity of weak TV signals. You would be familiar with this technique for use in receiving FM signals.

    These British-designed TV receivers are modified to reduce adjacent channel interference e.g. from ABC1 analogue. As a result, just like with the Sony XDR-F1HD or XDR-S10HDip you can receive more signals. Hope that helps!

  3. jamie you have a d100dxtv tuner have you still got it i'm looking for one please let me know the price and payment details i have paypal my name is thomas benson from devonport in tasmania my email tombens@bigpond.net.au looking forward to hearing from you thanks tom