Tuesday, February 7, 2017

DX log 5/2/17

Another day of lots of Queenslanders, plus a few from NSW for good measure.  The bulk of the opening was until approx. 12.30pm, after which, it was mostly transient signals.  Abandoned monitoring at 1pm, as a friend was coming around, when I got back to it just before 4pm, nothing was there.

11.14am - 1pm
89.5 4JJJ Nambour
90.7 4CSB Wondai
90.7 2PNN Grafton/Kempsey
91.5 The Range Toowoomba
91.5 2JJJ Grafton/Kempsey
91.7 ? poss. 2PNN Tamworth
92.3 2MRR Grafton/Kempsey
92.9 4GOD Toowoomba
93.1 4RGB Bundaberg
93.3 4SBS Brisbane
93.9 4RUM Bundaberg
94.1 4UM Cherbourg
94.5 4PNN Gympie
94.5 2NNR Richmond/Tweed
94.7 4BCR  Bundaberg
94.9 4MIX Ipswich
95.3 4SCR Gympie
95.3 2ABCFM Richmond/Tweed
95.5 TAB Radio Bundaberg
96.1 4NNN Gympie w/- RDS
96.5 4FRB Brisbane
96.9 4ABCRN Gympie
97.3 4BFM Brisbane
97.9 2ABCFM Grafton/Kempsey
98.5 2PNN Richmond/Tweed
99.5 2ABCRN Grafton/Kempsey
100.7 4RGD Toowoomba
101.1 2JJJ Armidale
101.9 4CEE Maryborough
101.9 2NWR Armidale
102.7 2PNN Armidale
103.3 4JJJ Southern Downs
103.5 4MBB Maryborough
104.1 4JJJ Darling Downs
104.5 4MMM Brisbane
104.9 ?
105.3 4BBB Brisbane
105.7 4ABCRN Darling Downs
106.1 4ABCFM Brisbane
106.5 4ABCRN Southern Downs
107.3 4ABCFM Darling Downs
107.7 4JJJ Brisbane

4NNN "Zinc" Gympie

Audio recording: 96.1 Gympie

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