Thursday, December 24, 2015

E-Skip, December 23.

Today's E's activity was something a little different, with stations from Tasmania being heard. Was nice to hear, as Tasmania is not often heard in Adelaide - either via tropo or SpE.

10.30am - Noon CDT
90.1  7EXX Launceston
90.5 7PNN Burnie
90.9 7JJJ N. E. Tasmania
92.5 7PNN N. E. Tasmania
92.9 7JJJ Hobart
93.3 7ABCFM N. E. Tasmania
93.9 7ABCFM Hobart
94.1 7ABCRN N. E. Tasmania
101.7 7HHO Hobart (** see note)
105.7 7SBS Hobart
106.5 7HFC Hobart
107.3 7XXX Hobart

**There is also Burnie on this frequency, however Burnie was weaker than the others, and was able to confirm Hobart via web stream match.

I was planning to get some recordings, but wouldn't you know it, just as I was about to get recording, the opening decided to disappear.

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