Wednesday, January 7, 2015

E-Skip log 6/1/15

January 6, saw another E's opening after a bit of a lull. Concentrated primarily around Sydney and Illawarra.

5.10 - 5.50pm
89.9 2VTR Windsor (Sydney)
90.9 2PNN Illawarra
91.7 ? Likely 2ST St. Georges Basin
92.1 2MFM Sydney
92.9 2ABCFM Sydney
94.1 2LIV Wollongong/Nowra
94.3 Racing Goulburn
94.5 2FBI Sydney*
94.5 2NNR Richmond/Tweed*
94.9 2WSK Nowra
95.3 2PTV Sydney*
95.3 2ABCFM Richmond/Tweed*
95.7 2ABCFM Illawarra
96.1 2JJJ Richmond/Tweed
96.5 2UUL Wollongong
96.9 2SYD Sydney
97.3 2ILA Illawarra
97.7 2SBSFM Sydney
98.9 2JJJ Illawarra
101.3 2CFM Gosford
101.7 2UUS Sydney
102.1 2JJJ Newcastle
102.5 2MBS Sydney
104.3 2EEE Batemans Bay/Moruya
104.9 2MMM Sydney
105.7 2JJJ Sydney
106.1 2ABCFM Newcastle

94.5, 95.3, 96.1 and 96.9 Richmond/Tweed for just a couple of minutes.

*Mixing, Sydney more dominant.


  1. 91.7 was most likely 2ST/t Huskisson. I don't think 2JJJ Crookwell has ever got to air, nothing heard during my last visit to the town. Huskisson is a semi permanent signal here at ~120 km.

    1. Thanks for that information, and I concur. After checking, that is right near Nowra and Wollongong, so it makes sense.

  2. No worries. Thanks for the alert re. this opening too, I managed to grab most of your locals in turn. Interestingly, the Adelaide Foothills repeaters were generally the strongest with 90.3 5SSA/t overpowering local 2MWM Manly.