Tuesday, November 11, 2014

More Tropo 11/11/14

With all the warm to hot weather in Adelaide, I really must remember to keep checking my radios, as things are picking up, and it will be E-Skip season too.

More Tropo noted this morning - nothing unusual, but good to be hearing the regulars again.

Heard were 91.1 and 93.5 Bendigo, as well as 91.7, 92.5, 93.3, 94.1 and 94.9 Western Victoria.

89.5 Bendigo was not heard, as the others were fairly weak, and that only comes up once they are reasonably strong.

On other news, now am on a brand new desktop PC, 6 core processor 3.5 Ghz (4.1 Ghz turbo), 1TB hard drive, 8GB RAM and Windows 8.1 64 bit.  Didn't know how I would go with 8.1, as have been using XP for years, but got used to it pretty quickly...phew!!
The new computer box

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