Thursday, January 2, 2014

E-Skip Log 2/1/14

First log for 2014 and it was the Western Australians who popped in for a visit.  No sign of Perth this time though.

1.40 - 2.55pm*
92.1 6PNN Southern Agricultural
92.9 6JJJ Southern Agricultural
93.3 6ABCFM Bunbury
94.1 6JJJ Bunbury
94.5 6ABCFM Southern Agricultural
94.9 6KAN Katanning
95.3 6AAY Albany
95.5 6ABCFM Kalgoorlie
95.7 6BUN Bunbury
96.3 6PNN Wagin
96.9 6ABCRN Southern Agricultural
97.1 6ABCRN Kalgoorlie
97.9 6KAR Kalgoorlie
98.7 6JJJ Kalgoorlie

*The main time frame for the bulk of the E-Skip.  Southern Agricultural (Albany) continued to reappear for minutes at a time for another 30 minutes.

Audio: 94.5 ABCFM Southern Agricultural

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