Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas Eve DX log

December 24, Christmas Eve, ended up being good for E-Skip from Western Australia.  Interestingly it went from one area to another.  Starting at 2.20pm with Perth, they then left and Bunbury came in, after that was Kalgoorlie and Albany. Then they both eventually died out and Central Agricultural (WA's wheatbelt, east of Perth) came in and quickly was strong - Perth came back soon after at 3.55pm, stronger than they were earlier.  On with the log:

89.1 ? Mixing with permanent semi-local 5BBB, possibly Ravensthorpe
93.3 6ABCFM Bunbury
94.1 6JJJ Bunbury
96.9 6SBS Perth
95.3 6EBA Perth
96.1 6NOW Perth
96.3 6PNN Wagin
97.7 6ABCFM Perth
98.5 6SON Perth
99.3 6JJJ Perth
101.1 ?
104.3 ?

3pm (Kalgoorlie 3.25pm)
92.1 6PNN Southern Agricultural
92.9 6JJJ Southern Agricultural
94.5 6ABCFM Southern Agricultural
95.3 6AAY Albany
95.5 6ABCFM Kalgoorlie
96.9 6ABCRN Southern Agricultural
97.1 6ABCRN Kalgoorlie
97.9 6KAR Kalgoorlie
98.7 6JJJ Kalgoorlie

98.1 6JJJ Central Agricultural
98.9 6ABCFM Central Agricultural
99.7 6PNN Central Agricultural
105.1 6MER Merriden

Also, believe I had a short opening to Emerald, QLD, right in the middle of the WA reception
90.7 4ABCFM
95.5 Racing

At 4.07pm I abandoned the monitoring as I had to leave home, however Perth and Central Agricultural were going strong when I switched the Tuner off.

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