Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Winter E's 2013

Yesterday, July 17, I checked my radio at 5.30pm local Adelaide time, to find I was getting strong 89.5 and 94.5.  A definite ID of JJJ on 89.5, means this was Nambour.  While there was no ID caught on 94.5, I'm pretty sure it was 4PNN Gympie.  91.1 was also weakly heard.  Given the JJJ reception, this most likely was Nambour too.

Unfortunately they were only around perhaps 5 minutes.  It appears I caught the tail-end of the opening.

Will be keeping a closer ear out today, hopefully I can hear some more.

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  1. Awesome Es, Jamie! Based on what I have read on a broadcast forum, News Radio 4PNN 94.5 has shifted sites to Nambour. I'd be more than happy with a winter MUF of ~95 MHz.