Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Tropo log - 8/1/13

Some Tropo from yesterday.  E-Skip has been very quiet, hope it picks up a bit before the season ends!

88.9 3HFM Hamilton
89.9 5CCC Pt. Lincoln
91.1 3ABCRR Bendigo
91.5 5PNN Tumby Bay
92.1 6PNN Southern Agricultural
92.9 6JJJ Southern Agricultural
93.1 5ABCFM Pt. Lincoln
93.5 3BBO Bendigo
94.5 6ABCFM Southern Agricultural
95.7 3ABCRN Nhill
96.9 6ABCRN Southern Agricultural
99.3 8SAT Streaky Bay
100.9 5ABCRN Streaky Bay
101.3 3WWM Horsham
101.9 5ABCRN Tumby Bay
Mt. Dundas at 1 bar
Port Pirie noted at 3 bars

DTV from Port Pirie also viewed - see photo below.
Southern Cross Ten, Port Pirie (RF ch. 40)

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  1. Love the DVB-T screenshots, thanks for sharing your exploits, Jamie. Hope the exceptional tropo conditions prevail for the remainder of summer. The inventor of Air Conditioning was a genius!