Thursday, December 13, 2012

E's for 12/12/12

Had a quick (couple of minutes at most) burst of 88.3 and 88.5 at 8.10am.  No idea what they were.  Other than that, all I got was a patchy 10 minute opening in the afternoon. What I was able to log:

4pm - 4.10pm
90.5 HPON (Racing) Tamworth
91.5 2JJJ Grafton / Kempsey
93.3 4SBS Brisbane
94.9 4MIX Ipswich
96.5 4FRB Brisbane
97.3 4BFM Brisbane

A couple were not identified, such as 96.3 and 98.1.

1 comment:

  1. Hi Jamie,

    Good to see some extensive logs from you this season.


    96.3: 4PNN Warwick (new transmitter)
    98.1: 4EB Brisbane