Monday, November 25, 2013

E's Season Under Way

After a long wait, the summer E's season 2013/2014 has arrived with the first FM E's into Adelaide noted today.

91.3 4HIT Moranbah
94.3 4ABCRN Blackwater
94.7 4HIT Emerald
100.1 4ABCRR Wide Bay
100.9 4ABCRN Wide Bay

Unidentified: 89.9, 91.7, 93.3, 100.7 and 102.1.

Additionally, not identified, but most likely: 97.9 4ABCFM and 99.5 4JJJ Mackay (both in at the same time and only briefly), and 98.5 4YOU Rockhampton (also only in briefly).

Opening lasted 12.50pm (already in progress when I checked) to approx. 1.30pm.  However, it was not a particularly intense opening, hence the difficulty in getting IDs.  I hope this is not a sign of another weak E's season, fingers crossed.