Friday, February 8, 2013

Friday Tropo - 8/2/13

Another morning of tropo from Victoria.  This time including a couple of Melbourne stations.  This is the first time I have logged Melbourne.  Identified via their live web stream, as they were quite weak.  Bendigo was the best heard this morning.

89.5 3PNN Bendigo
91.1 3ABCRR Bendigo
91.5 3PTV Melbourne
92.3 3ZZZ Melbourne
93.5 3BBO Bendigo
94.5 3JJJ Goulburn Valley
95.3 3SRR Shepparton
96.1 3ABCFM Goulburn Valley
96.9 3SUN Shepparton
97.7 3GVR Goulburn Valley
101.1 3JJJ Mildura

Mount Dundas frequencies also in again, but weak this time.
UnID: 89.9, 90.7 and 107.5.  I suspect these may have also been Melbourne.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Tropo activity

Things have been quiet of late, however, this morning (7-2-13) saw strong tropo to Western and Central Victoria.

88.9 3HFM Hamilton
89.5 3PNN Bendigo
91.1 3ABCRR Bendigo
91.5 5PNN Tumby Bay
93.5 3BBO Bendigo
95.7 3ABCRN Nhill
97.9 3RMR Mildura
99.5 3MDA Mildura
101.1 3JJJ Mildura
101.3 3WWM Horsham
107.5 8SAT Hallett
107.7 5YYY Whyalla

Also, the Mount Dundas outlets, which were at first (7.30am) observed at 3 bars on the Sony (40dBuV on the Onkyo).  Mildura was 1 bar, except Triple J - 2 bars.

94.5 and 95.3 also heard, but far too weak to ID.  I suspect 94.5 to likely be Nhill, as 95.7 was quite strong.

Audio: 99.5 Star FM, Mildura